Los Angeles Daily Journal Publishes Article by Robert J. McKennon Entitled “Preexisting Condition Doesn’t Preclude Coverage”

On May 24, 2018, the Los Angeles Daily Journal published an article written by Robert J. McKennon of the McKennon Law Group PC.  The article examines a recent case by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals addressing preexisting conditions and recovery under accidental death and dismemberment policies.  The Ninth Circuit held that if an insured with a preexisting medical condition suffers from an injury, the insured is not precluded from recovery under an AD&D policy if the preexisting condition did not substantially contribute to the injury.  This holding helps insureds by diffusing an argument that is often used by insurers in an attempt to deny insureds their rights under their policies.  For a full view of the article, take a look at the blog, here.

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