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Aggressive Attorneys Handling Insurance Agent and Broker Disputes

Experienced Agent and Broker Dispute Attorneys

Insurance brokers and agents act as intermediaries between insurers and individuals/‌businesses seeking to purchase insurance policies.  Agents sell insurance policies on behalf of one or more insurers and have the power to bind these insurers on coverage matters.  In cases involving the sale of disability or life insurance, insurers are required to appoint agents as their own agents for a particular insurance transaction.  Brokers are typically independent contractors who represent individuals/businesses, and usually do not have the power to bind insurers.  Despite this difference, agents and brokers perform similar roles: selling insurance policies and earning commissions.

Binding the insurer and making it responsible for the broker’s or agent’s actions may mean the difference between winning or losing your case and getting your insurance benefits. Also, an agent’s compensation structure provides incentive for them to steer you toward policies on which they earn higher commissions.  Agents and brokers have liability in certain limited circumstances, so you will need an experienced attorney to determine whether an agent or broker and his or her insurer have potential liability.  McKennon Law Group PC in Newport Beach, California, has vast experience in litigating and resolving disputes involving insurance agents or brokers on behalf of individual or business policyholders.

We Have Decades of Experience in Handling Agent Disputes

Insurance agents and brokers are often sued in cases involving all types of insurance disputes.  These cases also involve assessment of errors-and-omissions insurance in which agents and brokers are insured.  If an agent promised a particular coverage, told a policyholder that he did not have to disclose certain information on an insurance application and then omitted the coverage requested, the agent may be liable for negligence or fraud.  In many cases, the insurer may be estopped from denying coverage, based on the agent’s representations and/or actions.  Moreover, many times when an insurer’s wrongful conduct is at issue, brokers or agents are also separately responsible

Because this area of the law is complex, a thorough understanding of it is important.  Our attorneys have more than 60 years of experience in insurance and agency law and can help determine whether an agent or broker is liable, or whether the errors or omissions are attributable to the insurer.  We have the skills to find out whether an agent or broker and your insurer have potential liability for the insurance claim denial.

We Want To Help, So Call Now

Our experienced attorneys can help resolve disputes involving insurance agents and brokers on behalf of insureds.  McKennon Law Group PC in Newport Beach, California, understands this complicated area of the law and will help.  We offer free initial consultations, so please fill out this free consultation form or call 1-800-682-4137.

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