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Los Angeles And Orange County Insurance Bad Faith And ERISA Claim Attorneys Fight Reliance Standard Claim Denials

If your claim for insurance benefits has been denied, you can trust in the attorneys at McKennon Law Group PC to fight to have your benefits reinstated. Our firm works on insureds’ behalf, exhausting every avenue to secure their benefits from life, general liability, long-term care and disability insurers like Reliance Standard. At McKennon Law Group PC, we understand insurers like Reliance Standard because we used to represent insurers like Reliance Standard. We specialize in collecting insurance benefits after insurers like Reliance Standard deny disability and life insurance claims, whether the claim is governed by ERISA or state insurance laws. At McKennon Law Group PC, our unique experience gives us the knowledge and ability to get your life and disability insurance claims paid.

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, commonly referred to as Reliance Standard, offers a wide variety of employee benefits coverage, including disability income and group term life insurance coverage. Reliance Standard provides coverage in most states, including California, but does not offer insurance in New York, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In New York, First Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company offers insurance products, not Reliance Standard.

Reliance Standard works with its sister companies, Matrix Absence Management, Inc., and Safety National Casualty Corporation to manage a full range of employee absence services. Matrix partners with employers to manage disability claims and related government disability programs such as workers’ compensation and family leave. Safety National offers claims management, evaluation and other similar services. Reliance Standard, as well as Matrix and Safety National, are all members of the Tokio Marine Group, which also boasts members in property and casualty insurance, including First Insurance Company of Hawaii and Philadelphia Insurance Companies, the latter also offering professional liability insurance.

We see Reliance Standard often when they deny our clients’ claims. They issue many group life and disability insurance policies governed by ERISA. We have a demonstrated successful track record against this insurer.

Reliance Standard May Deny A Life, Long-Term Care Or Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim In A Variety Of Ways

In a claims denial letter notifying you that your claim has been denied, Reliance Standard might rely on any of the reasons discussed below:

  • Reliance Standard might assert that the written proof you were required to provide does not actually provide the requisite support for your life, long-term care or long-term disability policy
  • Reliance Standard might claim that you provided insufficient medical support, even though you may have supplied all the requested medical authorizations
  • Reliance Standard asserts you provided poor documentation of proof of loss or they might assert that the proof you did provide was untimely
  • Reliance Standard might conduct a preexisting condition investigation and then determine that the condition excludes you from coverage under the policy
  • Reliance Standard may attempt to rescind your policy because it claims that, when you applied for insurance, the answers you provided on the application contained materially false information
  • Reliance Standard might hire a third-party company to record and report surveillance on your daily activities and then use that evidence to determine that you are not disabled
  • Reliance Standard might improperly lapse your policy, alleging nonpayment premium
  • Reliance Standard may expansively interpret an exclusion to its own benefit

What Should Disability Or Life Insurance Claimants Look For When Reliance Standard Denies A Claim For Life, Health, Or Disability Insurance Benefits?

  • Did Reliance Standard conduct a detailed and thorough investigation into all the potential reasons for coverage?
  • Did Reliance Standard’s denial letter refer to the opinions of clinical consultants or peer review physicians who never examined you or contacted you or your doctors?
  • Did Reliance Standard properly pursue all the relevant medical information, and if it did, did it misinterpret those records or that medical evidence to deny your claim?
  • Did Reliance Standard have an expert review your claim, but the opinion appears biased? Did the expert fail to review all the relevant medical information?
  • Did the consulting doctor or claims examiner ignore relevant medical evidence or mischaracterize the content of a conversation with your primary treating doctor?
  • Were you willing to subject to an in-person medical examination, with a doctor of Reliance Standard’s choosing, but Reliance Standard never requested that you be examined?
  • Did Reliance Standard ignore your illness, injury or other symptoms because it asserted that objective medical evidence did not support your claim? Is subjective evidence the primary form of evidence with regard to your illness, such as mental disorders, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome?
  • Did Reliance Standard improperly assert that your illness or injury is a pre-existing condition, wrongly attempt to rescind the policy or simply deny the claim with the intent of wearing you down?
  • Did Reliance Standard improperly overemphasize the significance of surveillance of you engaging in activities as support that you are not totally disabled? Did Reliance Standard do so without properly considering or characterizing the actual duties of your occupation?
  • Did Reliance Standard fail to reasonably engage or communicate with you regarding what you needed to submit in order to adequately support your claim?

If you have a wrongfully denied claim for disability, life, long-term care or another insurance involving Reliance Standard, contact McKennon Law Group PC, and we will single-mindedly pursue your benefits

Choosing an attorney to handle your recently denied claim for disability, life or long-term care benefits is a critically important decision. Disability, life and other forms of insurance denials are devastating to you and your family, and you need a skilled and talented advocate in your corner. If your claim for health, life, accidental death or dismemberment, short-term disability or long-term disability insurance has been wrongfully denied or suddenly terminated, fill out a free consultation form or call 1-800-682-4137 to schedule a free consultation with the attorneys of the McKennon Law Group PC, several of whom previously represented insurance companies and are exceptionally experienced in handling ERISA and non-ERISA, bad faith insurance claims.

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