Back, Neck And Spine Injury Claims

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You Should Not Have To Suffer More For Back, Neck And Spinal Injuries

Debilitating back, neck injuries and spinal disorders leave about 2.4 million Americans chronically disabled and another 2.4 million temporarily disabled. Such painful conditions can prevent a person from performing his or her job. For low back injuries, sitting or standing long time periods is difficult without experiencing severe pain. Even a “sedentary” job, one that involves mostly sitting at a desk, may become impossible to perform.

If you suffer from back or neck pain, you may be able to purchase a long-term or short-term disability policy or enroll in coverage with your employer. It will pay you a monthly long-term or short-term disability benefit if you become disabled due to an illness or injury, including to your back or neck. If you file an insurance claim and are denied, you need a skilled law firm to represent you. McKennon Law Group PC of Newport Beach, California, is an experienced group of attorneys who can help you secure your long-term and short-term disability claims.

We Have The Skills To Guide You

The most common type of totally disabling medical condition our attorneys see is spinal disorder claims. Disability insurers are always looking for ways to deny legitimate claims. They commonly use video surveillance techniques to attempt to deny long-term disability insurance claims. Reliance on such tactics can be misleading and deceiving.

Our team is led by founding attorney Robert J. McKennon, a well-respected attorney who has made the Super Lawyers list for the past 10 years since 2011. He leads a team of effective attorneys with extensive knowledge in insurance, ERISA and bad faith matters. Our team successfully tackles these complicated legal matters for our clients.

Please Schedule A Free Initial Consultation

McKennon Law Group PC of Newport Beach, California, is a team of attorneys that will do their best to help you receive disability benefits if you have severe back, neck and spinal injuries preventing you from working. For a free initial consultation, please contact us via this online form or by calling 1-800-682-4137.

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