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Do you suffer from Chronic Headaches?  Did your disability insurer deny your claim for disability insurance benefits? 

Disability Insurers are almost always reluctant to pay long-term disability benefits on claims that are based upon symptoms that cannot be quantified or even proven with objective evidence.  Obtaining benefits from a long-term disability insurer based upon recurrent headaches can usually be very difficult, as the debilitating effects and causes of severe recurring headaches are very hard to prove given their subjective nature.  Chronic migraines or cluster headaches most commonly form the basis for long-term disability claims that are often denied by disability insurers.  Migraine headaches are more severe than an average headache and are often accompanied by throbbing pain, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light noise and smells.  While most migraines may be occasional and sporadic, chronic migraines can be completely incapacitating.  Cluster headaches are the most severe form of headaches that occur in bouts of frequent attacks and occur along one side of the head.  The causes of these types of headaches are often uncertain or unknown, and they are usually unable to be cured.  Given the ambiguous cause and uncertain resolution of these problems, it very likely that your long-term disability insurer will put up a fight before paying a claim based upon recurrent headaches.

If chronic migraine or cluster headaches prevent you from working, it is in your best interest to hire competent and experienced counsel like the disability insurance attorneys at McKennon Law Group PC to assist you with your disability insurance claim as soon as your insurance company informs you that they are denying your claim.  It is very often improper for your disability insurer to deny your claim for long-term disability benefits because your recurring headaches cannot be proven by objective evidence or because the underlying cause of your recurring headaches cannot be determined.  Disability insurers will often attempt to downplay and mischaracterize the severity and recurrent nature of a claimant’s headaches in order to avoid paying disability insurance benefits.  Disability insurers will also often insist that you exhibit certain symptoms or undergo specific testing before they will approve your claim for long-term disability benefits.  These long-term disability claim denials are often improper, however rebutting these arguments can be difficult.

If you suffer from chronic migraines or cluster headaches and were denied long-term disability benefits by your long-term disability insurer, McKennon Law Group PC can help you obtain the benefits to which you are entitled.  We have significant experience handling claims for long-term disability benefits that involve disabling headaches.  Please contact us for a free consultation. Call us at (949) 387-9595, email us at or fill out our Consultation Request Form.  Let us decide whether your long-term disability claim was wrongfully denied and let us see if we can assist you.