McKennon Law Group PC’s Very Recent Success Stories Litigating California Disability Insurance Claim Denials

The dual roles insurers hold, as funding sources and claim administrators of disability plans, often impact their impartiality. Indeed, insurers have the discretion and financial incentive to deny claims and often do so improperly. Claimants may shudder at the thought of an insurer’s access to nearly unlimited resources, trained claims personnel and attorneys, and stop fighting for their benefits in light of their insurer’s seeming decided advantage. Although recovering long-term disability insurance benefits can be an uphill battle, pursuing a denied claim for benefits is very often well worth the effort.

If insurers deny insurance claims in bad faith or by abusing their discretion, claimants may be entitled to recover past-due policy benefits plus future benefits, consequential damages, emotional distress and punitive damages (for individual policies) and attorneys’ fees and costs and interest (for employer-sponsored policies governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”)). Accordingly, claimants should consult with an attorney experienced in handling disability/ERISA insurance claims before forfeiting their claims for disability benefits. Experienced attorneys can help evaluate claims, communicate with insurers and preserve litigation rights. Below are a few cases in which we have helped clients recover their disability benefits:

  • Following a field engineer’s an on-the-job accident, examining doctors determined he was over 50% functionally impaired and unable to compete in the job market. The insurer terminated his long-term disability benefits after about a year, stating he was capable of working “any occupation.” Less than three months into litigation, McKennon Law Group PC convinced the insurer to reinstate his benefits and pay interest on the past due benefits. In addition, McKennon Law Group PC is currently pursuing a bad faith claim against the insurer for attorneys’ fees, consequential damages, emotional distress and punitive damages worth several million dollars.
  • When a dental hygienist purchased two individual disability policies, the insurer’s agent negligently misrepresented her income on her applications. Based on this misrepresentation, the insurer issued, and the hygienist paid for, policies with higher premiums and benefits than it otherwise would have. When the hygienist filed for disability benefits, the insurer accused her of fraud and denied the claims. McKennon Law Group PC convinced the insurer to pay all of the past-due and ongoing benefits under the policies as issued and obtained a large six-digit settlement against the agent. McKennon Law Group PC is currently pursuing a bad faith claim against the insurer for attorneys’ fees, consequential damages, emotional distress and punitive damages worth several million dollars.
  • An escrow officer was diagnosed with a variety of debilitating conditions. The insurer terminated her long-term disability benefits after one year, based on its paid physician’s determination that her medical diagnoses, evaluated individually, did not render her disabled. McKennon Law Group PC convinced the insurer to reverse its decision, reinstate the escrow manager’s full benefits without a mediation and pay interest on her past-due benefits. A motion for attorneys’ fees and costs is pending.
  • A courier was forced to stop working after her arthritis caused severe hip and abdominal pain such that she could not tolerate the extensive driving, bending and lifting required for her occupation. The insurer ignored evidence of multiple surgeries and other serious medical issues, and denied the claim. McKennon Law Group PC challenged the insurer’s denial and the insurer placed the courier back on claim and paid all past-due benefits and is paying all future benefits. In addition, the insurer paid her substantial attorneys’ fees.
  • After an attorney became disabled, she worked another part-time job. Her insurer denied her claim, stating improperly that she was capable of working at this second job. McKennon Law Group PC convinced the insurer reverse its decision and pay a six-digit settlement to buy out her policy.
  • A senior analyst at Bank of America stopped working due to severe arthritis. The insurer paid some short-term disability benefits then terminated the disability insurance claim. McKennon Law Group PC contacted the insurer, and the insurer conducted another review of the senior analyst’s claim, overturned its initial denial, paid back the past-due short term benefits and approved his long term disability claim.
  • A software developer was unable continue working following postoperative complications which caused persistent pain. McKennon Law Group PC subsequently filed a complaint and argued the insurer misinterpreted the medical evidence. While the case was pending, McKennon Law Group PC convinced the insurer to place the software developer back on claim and to pay all past-due disability benefits and to pay on-going disability benefits. McKennon Law Group PC then obtained a court order requiring the insurer to pay the software developer’s attorneys’ fees and costs.

All of these clients came to our firm desperate to have their disability insurance benefits paid. While your case may be different, these success stories show how the attorneys at McKennon Law Group PC have helped a variety of policyholders who had their disability insurance claims denied receive the benefits they deserved. If you are in need of highly experienced and qualified attorneys to handle your ERISA or individual disability insurance claims denials, call us for a free consultation.

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