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Ten Things to Consider and Look For in Your ERISA Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans When Selecting Benefits or You Want to File a Claim

Posted in: Administrative Record, Disability Insurance, ERISA, Insurance Litigation Blog, Insurance Questions and Concepts, Statute of Limitations February 28, 2019

1. Obtain a full copy of your plan and administrative record. The full plan will not typically be a benefit summary or a print-out from a website.  It will be fairly long and many definitions and it will recite your ERISA plan terms, policies and procedures for filing a claim and handling the claim, claim denials, appeals of claim denials, etc.  The claims administrator will likely not have a copy of the full plan.  You can request a copy of the full plan from your Employer’s Human Resources department or often from the claims administrator (the insurer or third-party administrator).  You can request a copy of the administrative record from the claims administrator, which is often an insurance company such …

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