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Individuals rely on insurance policies for financial protection. However, the insurance company’s interests are not always aligned with the interests of their policyholders.  Insurance companies profit by collecting and retaining premium payments. Consequently, insurance companies often use improper justifications to deny insurance claims, or make only partial payments or delayed insurance payments. Often times, a denial of an insurance claim that appears proper on its face is actually improper under the law.  Challenging your insurance company may be frustrating, intimidating or unmanageable.

Insurance companies rely on the fact that many people are unfamiliar with their policy, the California insurance law, ERISA and other governing laws and regulations.  Based on the type of insurance, you may be able to sue for policy benefits, as well as insurance bad faith and emotional distress damages, attorneys’ fees and interest on the insurance benefits.

McKennon Law Group represents plaintiffs in litigating and resolving disputes relating to health, disability, homeowners, general liability, life and many other types of insurance policies.  Our firm has established a strong reputation by specializing in insurance and ERISA law. Our aggressive advocacy and broad experience results in maximum recovery for our clients.

To determine whether your insurance claim was wrongfully denied, please give us a call at (949) 387-9595. Our attorneys will provide a free consultation and assess your case. We will advise you on your benefits and potential recovery.

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