Los Angeles Daily Journal Publishes Article by Robert J. McKennon Entitled “Leveling the Field Between Insurers and Disability Claimants”

In the November 19, 2019 issue of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the Daily Journal published an article written by the McKennon Law Group PC’s Robert J. McKennon.  The article addresses a previous 2009 Daily Journal investigation that revealed insurers’ regular practice of improperly denying claims.  Since 2009, recent regulations promulgated by the Department of Labor and recent court opinions have helped even the playing field for claimants.  A full and fair review of a claim for benefits is required by statute and regulation, and helps prevent insurers from illicit claim denials as detailed in the Daily Journal investigation.  However, it remains to be seen whether these recent regulations and court decisions will ultimately have the effect of evening the power imbalance insurers wield against vulnerable disability claimants.  For a full view of the article, take a look at our blog, here.

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