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Life insurance provides loved ones with financial support after losing someone close. This money is often used to pay for funeral expenses, taxes and other bills that become difficult to pay after a loved one dies. Unfortunately, life insurance companies often renege on their promise to pay these benefits when family members are most vulnerable. Insurance companies may delay payment, pay only a portion of the benefits due or deny the claim altogether. They may do so by improperly lapsing life insurance policies, combing through records for unmet requirements, relying on technicalities in the policy language or disagreeing with the coroner regarding the manner of death. There are countless ways an insurance company can to attempt to justify a wrongful denial decision and cause additional hardship to grieving family members.

With over 40 years of combined experience, the attorneys at McKennon Law Group can quickly identify and address any wrongdoing by an insurance company. For many years, our attorneys defended insurance companies with respect to these claims so we have the most breadth of experience available anywhere. We have represented clients in disputes against some of the largest life insurance companies in the nation, including MetLife, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, CIGNA, Life Insurance of North America, Provident and countless others.

If you believe your insurance company wrongfully denied your claim and is preventing you and your family from collecting life insurance benefits, please call us at (949) 387-9595 for a free consultation. Our attorneys will inform you of your legal options and guide you through the appeals or settlement process. We handle these cases on a contingency fee basis.

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