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When the Price is Right: Types of Attorneys’ Fee Arrangements For Handling Long-Term Disability ERISA Claims

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The McKennon Law Group PC periodically publishes articles on its Insurance Litigation and Disability Insurance News blogs that deal with frequently asked questions in insurance bad faith, life insurance, long term disability insurance, annuities, accidental death insurance, ERISA and other areas of law.  To speak with a highly skilled Los Angeles long-term disability insurance lawyer at the McKennon Law Group PC, call (949)387-9595 for a free consultation or go to our website at www.mckennonlawgroup.com and complete our free consultation form today.

Long-term disability insurance may be the most important type of insurance policy one can buy.  In the unfortunate event that an unexpected disability prevents you from working, long-term disability insurance provides a substitute income in your time of need.  …

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