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With Discretionary Language Even Barred in Self-Funded ERISA Plans, is This the Death of The Abuse of Discretion Standard of Review In California?

Posted in: Abuse of Discretion, De Novo Review, Disability Insurance News, ERISA, Standard of Review October 12, 2015

Recently, we explained that District Courts within the state of California, applying California Insurance Code section 10110.6, ruled that, even if an insurance Plan contains language giving discretion to a claim administrator, that language is unenforceable, and de novo is the proper standard of review.  See The Death of the Abuse of Discretion Standard of Review in ERISA Disability Insurance Cases in CaliforniaA recent ruling expanded the application of California’s anti-discretionary language statute to self-funded plans, further signaling the end of the abuse of discretion standard of review in California Federal Courts.…

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