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Recovery of Overpayments Under ERISA

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Keith Parker, an excellent mediator who specializes in mediating ERISA matters, authored the following article on “Recovery of Overpayments Under ERISA”   We at the McKennon Law Group PC are happy to recommend this outstanding article for your reading.  We include the entire article below with permission from Mr. Parker.

Section 1132(a)(3)(B) of ERISA authorizes participants, beneficiaries and/or fiduciaries to bring civil actions seeking “appropriate equitable relief” to enforce the provisions of an ERISA plan.  Just what constitutes “appropriate equitable relief” has challenged courts and practitioners, in large part because the Supreme Court has interpreted that language to incorporate the “archaic” (Justice Ginsburg’s word) and “obsolete” (Justice Steven’s word) distinction between relief available in equity and that available in law at …

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