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ERISA, as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 is known, governs certain employer-provided health insurance, life insurance and disability insurance plans.  The federal ERISA statute was enacted to protect employees by establishing remedies for denials of benefits, breaches of fiduciary duties and failures to provide notice of plan terms or benefit changes.  Ironically, insurance companies and ERISA insurance plans often use the complexity of ERISA regulations to their advantage and improperly deny ERISA claims for ERISA benefits.  To recover their ERISA benefits, individuals may have to appeal through an administrative process, and then bring a lawsuit in Federal Court.

During this process, well-funded insurance companies have a clear advantage over sick, disabled or grieving claimants who do not have experienced ERISA attorneys.  The ERISA administrative process involves specific rules and strict deadlines that individuals must follow even before they are allowed to file an ERISA lawsuit.  To bring an ERISA lawsuit, individuals must comply with the insurance plan’s appellate procedures and ERISA law.  Indeed, even many attorneys are uncomfortable with ERISA cases, and will not take such cases.  However, an attorney well versed in ERISA law can help discern mistakes and weaknesses in the insurer’s review, ensure your ERISA administrative record or claim file contains the appropriate evidence needed to support your ERISA claim and help navigate the ERISA appeals process.

McKennon Law Group specializes in ERISA insurance and insurance bad faith claims, appeals and trials.  Our attorneys, combined, have over forty years of experience litigating ERISA insurance and insurance bad faith cases.  Two of our attorneys, Robert J. McKennon and Scott E. Calvert previously represented large insurance companies who issued policies of disability insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance and health insurance.  Therefore, we can offer our clients our unique perspective and broad understanding of how the insurance industry approaches ERISA-governed and insurance bad faith claims.

To speak with an experienced ERISA insurance or insurance bad faith attorney about litigating your ERISA insurance or insurance bad faith claim, please call (949) 387-9595 for a free consultation.  Our attorneys can analyze your case and assist you in recovering your ERISA or other insurance benefits.

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