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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) is a federal statute designed to protect employees, and requires plans provide specific information, guarantee payment of ERISA insurance benefits and hold plan fiduciaries accountable for improper claim decisions.  However, insurance plans typically process a large number of claims and understand it is in their best interest to deny claims whenever possible.  This is because many insurance and ERISA plans operate under an implied conflict of interest, where the entity that makes the claim decision is also responsible for paying the benefits.  If an insurance company or ERISA plan improperly denies your disability insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance or health insurance claim, you face an uphill battle when you least want one.  In fact, you are required to file an appeal with the very company that denied your claim before you can file lawsuit.  And the administrative appeals process can take substantial energy and tremendous patience.  Furthermore, ERISA cases often involve specific procedures and strict deadlines.  Failure to adhere to these ERISA deadlines or submit important documents can severely hamper your case.  An experienced ERISA attorney can navigate this complex area of law.

McKennon Law Group specializes in ERISA litigation and resolution of ERISA claims, including those involving disability insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance and health insurance.  Presently, most of the firm’s practice is dedicated to insurance bad faith law and ERISA insurance law.  We represent our clients’ interests in all federal courts in California and nationwide.  Our firm uses its expertise of the ERISA appeals process, ERISA litigation and its aggressive action to maximize our client’s settlement and recovery potential.

Founding partner Robert J. McKennon is nationally recognized in the field of bad faith insurance and ERISA insurance, including ERISA litigation.  Mr. McKennon, while a past partner of Barger & Wolen LLP, has for many years represented large insurance companies in hundreds of life, health and disability insurance matters.  He now uses his breadth of experience to help individuals recover benefits owed to them under their employee welfare benefit ERISA insurance plans.

The attorneys at McKennon Law Group PC continue to stay abreast the latest developments in ERISA law and publish articles in the Los Angles Daily Journal, as well as on the firm’s law blog, California Insurance Litigation Blog.  If you wish to speak with an experienced ERISA attorney, please call our firm at (949) 387-9595 for a free consultation.

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