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The purpose of disability insurance is to provide policyholders with a source of income replacement when they become totally disabled or partially disabled.  However, insurance companies often issue denials that are improper under state law and federal ERISA law.  If an insurance company wrongfully denies your claim, you may be able to recover policy benefits due, consequential damages caused by the insurance company’s bad faith, emotional distress damages, attorneys’ fees, punitive damages and interest on past-due benefits (up to a legal rate of 10%).

McKennon Law Group attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience litigating disability insurance cases.  Our attorneys specialize in helping people get their long-term disability insurance benefits, including benefits due under ERISA-governed plans.  Our attorneys have significant experience handling cases involving total disability, partial disability and residual disability claims.  We aggressively litigate cases so our clients achieve maximum success.  For many years, our attorneys defended insurance companies with respect to these claims so we have the most breadth of experience available anywhere.

If your insurance company improperly denied your disability insurance claim, call us for a free consultation at (949) 387-9595.  Our attorneys will provide an honest assessment of your case.  We will let you know whether we believe you have a case against your insurance company.  We handle these cases on a contingency fee basis.

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