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McKennon Law Group PC does not accept unsolicited email messages. Please be advised that even if you send us an email, the Firm has not agreed to represent you. Please do not send confidential information by e-mail unless one of our lawyers authorizes you to do so.

Lawyers in our Firm are admitted to practice law only in California and Louisiana. If you have a legal issue that relates to another state or country, you should contact a local attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.

If you send an email, the Firm undertakes no obligation to express an opinion to you, review any factual circumstances relating to your matter or advise you regarding relevant legal doctrines. Moreover, you should not assume that our decision to accept or decline your case represents an expression regarding the merits of your case. The Firm may not respond to an unsolicited email.

If we decide to decline your case, McKennon Law Group PC suggests that you consult with other counsel regarding your claim as soon as possible since we accept no responsibility to advise or represent you. You need to act quickly because there may be statutes of limitation that would bar any claim you may have. We express no opinion concerning when these statutes of limitation may expire.