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Policyholders purchase insurance to protect their financial interests when calamity hits them.  However, insurers sometimes withdraw this protection by denying benefits or only disbursing partial payment. In many cases, the denial or partial payment appears reasonable, but is improper under state insurance law or federal ERISA law. An ERISA or insurance appeal can take months, and individuals may be forced to pursue litigation through the courts.

An attorney with experience in insurance and ERISA law can confirm your claim is accurate, complete and timely. Working with an attorney will guarantee compliance with strict timelines and other appeals procedures. If necessary, an attorney can dispute your insurance company’s improper decision and advise you of your potential recovery.

The attorneys of McKennon Law Group have successfully disputed claims against Aetna, Allstate, MassMutual, MetLife, Northwestern Mutual and countless other insurance companies. To speak with an experienced insurance attorney about your benefits, call (949) 387-9595 for a free consultation. We have helped many clients who have had to file cases in Bakersfield or Fresno courts. We can help you through the claims process, file an appeal or litigate your claim.

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