Under ERISA , Procedural Deficiencies Not Considered When the Standard of Review is De Novo

Posted in: Abuse of Discretion, Case Updates, De Novo Review, Disability Insurance, Disability Insurance News, ERISA, Insurance Litigation Blog October 28, 2010

De Novo Review

Litigation pursuant to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) is rather unique.  Unlike most cases, ERISA disputes are based on a limited scope of permissible evidence.  The range of that scope is ultimately dependent on which standard of review is employed by the courts.  Typically, when the standard of review is abuse of discretion, the scope of admissible evidence is limited to what was before the claims administrator when the claims decision was made, i.e. the “administrative record.”  The reason for this limited subset of evidence is based on the sole question before the court, namely “Did the claim administrative abuse its discretion in rendering its decision?”  Obviously, evidence discovered or submitted after the claims decision was made would …

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