Bloomberg BNA Publishes Article on McKennon Law Group’s Case “Aetna Ignored Facebook Posts Showing Man’s Disability: Lawsuit”

Long-term disability plans or policies generally promise to provide monthly disability benefits to an ill or injured employee, should he become incapable of performing his occupational duties.  As we have discussed in blogs on the topic, insurers are looking for all ways to deny insurance claims and one of their favorite tools is to rely on surveillance of disability claimants to deny a claim for benefits. Surveillance may include video surveillance or “social media” surveillance.  Social media surveillance is a relatively new phenomenon, coinciding with the now-pervasive use of numerous social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. But, because people are so active and open on these social media platforms, one ill-advised status update or photograph can be easily used against an insured by an insurer.  On April 23, 2018, Bloomberg BNA published an article covering McKennon Law Group’s innovative use of social media monitoring to benefit the claimant.  

In “Aetna Ignored Facebook Posts Showing Man’s Disability: Lawsuit,” Jacklyn Wille, Reporter for Bloomberg BNA, covers our complaint’s unique use of Aetna’s social media surveillance, alleging that it improperly terminated benefits in part because it failed to consider a series of Facebook posts that are highly consistent with the plaintiff’s disability.  For a full view of the article, take a look at the blog, here.

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