Los Angeles Daily Journal Publishes Article Profiling McKennon Law Group PC’s Respected Reputation in Policyholder Advocacy

On May 7, 2018, the Los Angeles Daily Journal published an article on the firm, entitled “Shifting Allegiance: No Longer Insurers’ Advocates, McKennon Law Group Attorneys Stand Up for Policyholders.” (See our Insurance Litigation Blog for the full article) The article details the firm’s history of success, including the reasons why Robert J. McKennon, the firm’s founder, left behind a successful career defending insurers to start a small, plaintiff-side firm representing insureds. As the article discusses, Mr. McKennon defended insurance companies for nearly twenty-five years as an attorney and partner at Barger & Wolen LLP. In 2010, he started representing policyholders and two years later, he founded the McKennon Law Group PC. Since then, the firm has cultivated a highly respected practice and reputation for aggressively pursuing wrongfully denied insurance benefits in both insurance bad faith cases and matters governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or “ERISA.” With a focus on life, health and disability insurance cases, the firm treats each case with compassion, as Mr. McKennon acknowledges that his “heart was always sort of with claimants and policyholders[.]” Now no longer insurers’ advocates, the McKennon Law Group attorneys rely on that heart, as well as hard work, experience and dedication, to stand up for policyholders and claimants and get them the insurance benefits they deserve.

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