Robert McKennon and Stephanie Talavera Publish Article in the Los Angeles Daily Journal: “Ruling Clears Up Attorney Fees in ERISA Cases”

Unlike a state law claim for benefits under an individual insurance policy, an ERISA claim generally limits recovery to benefits due under the plan: prejudgment interest, declaratory or equitable (non-monetary) relief and attorneys’ fees. Accordingly, looming attorneys’ fees serve as an important financial disincentive for an ERISA plan administrator’s misconduct. In today’s edition of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, Robert J. McKennon and Stephanie L. Talavera of the McKennon Law Group PC discuss the importance of ERISA attorneys’ fees and how a recent case positively impacts the ability to recover those fees. In a column entitled “Ruling Clears Up Attorney Fees in ERISA Cases,” we evaluate the effect of the new Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case, Micha v. Sun Life Assurance of Canada, Inc., 2017 DJDAR 10411 (Nov.1, 2017) and explain how the decision provides ERISA plan participants, beneficiaries and fiduciaries with a solid foundation for recovery of certain attorneys’ fees in the future.

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