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Every year, thousands of people suffering from severe sickness or injuries have to file claims with their disability insurance company. Disability insurance policies are often complicated and difficult to interpret correctly, which can cause problems for those looking to follow the rules and regulations that are set on both the insured and the insurance company. Especially because disability insurance is intended as a form of income replacement, it is important to file these claims correctly to ensure you receive payment.

There are a few different kinds of disability insurance, each with it’s own set of difficult regulations. Long-term and short-term disability insurance policies are purchased either directly from an insurance company or through an employer, and includes disability insurance related to business overhead, credit cards, mortgages, and occupations. Insurance policies bought individually usually must adhere to state laws, while policies attained through an employer are regulated by ERISA.

However, occasionally even if a claim is filed correctly, an insurance company may deny a legitimate disability claim. Most often, these denials are unlawful and you can sue your insurance company for the benefits due to you. If you purchased your policy individually, you can potentially sue for damages caused by the company’s bad faith, includingemotional distress, attorneys’ fees, and interest on overdue benefits, as well as for the policy benefits originally owed. Similarly, if you received your policy through an employer, you can sue for attorneys’ fees, interest on unpaid benefits, and the owed policy benefits.

While taking action against an insurance company can seem overwhelming, doing so will insure that you and your family receive the necessary support. The attorneys at McKennon Law Group PC specialize in handling individual and ERISA disability insurance and bad faith insurance disputes, and we’ve successfully litigated hundreds of disability insurance cases over the past 28 years. Contact us today to learn how our Los Angeles and Orange County attorneys can help you with your disability insurance case.

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