Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Los Angeles

At McKennon Law Group, we have a regional and national reputation for handling bad faith insurance claim cases. That reputation is built on a consistent history of securing outstanding settlements and verdicts at trial, which we’ve achieved through our commitment to aggressive advocacy for our clients.

Under California law, all insurance contracts contain an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which means that both parties involved must act fairly and reasonably. Specifically, this means behaving in a way that does not unreasonably seek to negate the benefits owed under the contract. For example, if an insurance company attempts to withhold or delay benefits owed from you without just cause, they can be penalized under law. You have the right to recover not only the policy benefits owed to you, but also additional damages and fees. This may include emotional distress damages, punitive damages, consequential damages, pre-judgement interest and attorney’s fees.

If you think that the actions of your insurance company may have been in bad faith, there are options for getting the benefits due to you. We have almost 30 years of experience litigating and resolving bad faith insurance cases, many of which may be very similar to the situation you are in. We have been nationally recognized for our accomplishments, chaired several seminars and published several articles regarding bad faith claim matters. We are truly experts in our field and we are the best attorneys in California to handle your bad faith insurance claim case.

McKennon Law Group offers free consultations to all our new clients. This gives us a chance to learn more about your case and answer your questions without any financial pressure. Contact us today to learn how our Los Angeles attorneys can help you with your bad faith insurance case.

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