Insurance Brokers’ Duties to Third Parties Continue to Shrink

The Wednesday May 1, 2013 edition of the Los Angeles Daily Journal featured Robert McKennon and Victor Xu’s article entitled:  “Insurance Brokers’ Duties to Third Parties Continue to Shrink.”  In it, Mr. McKennon and Mr. Xu discuss how a new appellate decision- Travelers Property Co. of America v. Superior Court 2013 DJDAR 5005 (Cal. App. 2d Dist. 2013)- clarifies and limits the duties owed by insurance brokers to third-party claimants.  The article discusses how in Travelers, the court specifically addressed the holding in Nowlon v. Koram Insurance Center, Inc., 1 Cal.App.4th 1437 (1991) and limited the holding in that case to the unique circumstances of negligence per se.  The article also discusses how Travelers does not foreclose the possibility of other types of breach of professional duty claims by third-parties against brokers, especially where the harm was reasonably foreseeable.  The article is posted below with the permission of the Daily Journal.



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