Insurer Claims Practices Attacked In Revealing Huffington Post Article

The insurance industry is unique in California and in most states: unlike other industries, it is required to act in good faith (known as the covenant of good faith and fair dealing) with its insured customers.  The California courts have long held that insurers have a special relationship, in the nature of a fiduciary relationship, that requires them to act with regards to their interests in a manner equal to the interests of their policyholders.

The Huffington Post, in a very interesting article entitled, “Insurance Claim Delays Deliver Massive Profits To Industry By Shorting Customers” reports that since the mid-1990s, “a new profit-hungry model, combined with weak regulation, has upended that ancient social contract” between insurers and claimants.

“Claims has been converted into a money-making process,” the article quotes Russ Roberts, a New Mexico-based management consultant and former business professor at Northwestern University who has studied the insurance industry’s evolution from a service business to what is described in the article as  a profit-driven machine.

The change started, according to the article, when consulting giant McKinsey & Company sold Allstate and other leading insurance companies on a “new system to boost the bottom line.”  The article states that rather than adjusting claims the traditional way, which gave claims managers wide latitude to serve customers, insurers embraced a computer-driven method that produced purposefully low offers to claimants.

The article explains that this strategy “put profits above all” and insurers like Allstate have certainly gained: Allstate made $4.6 billion in profits in 2007, double its earnings in the 1990s.  The stunning increase, the article quotes Russ Roberts as stating, came through “driving down loss values to an average of 30 percent below the actual market cost” — that is, paying dramatically less on claims.  Roberts told the Huffington Post that, by his estimate, the companies that take in 70 percent of total insurance profits in the United States “now abuse their obligations to their policyholders.”

According to NAIC data[], claim delays have long been the most frequent cause of policyholder complaints.  As of Nov. 28, 2011, the NAIC had received 11,053 delay-related complaints this year alone, comprising almost a quarter of the year’s total complaints.  This data only reflects confirmed complaints — the ones that the state insurance commission has investigated — so the actual number of delayed claims is likely much higher.

This article is interesting reading for all consumers who buy insurance.

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