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If You Must Miss Work Two Days a Month Due to a Disabling Condition, Are You Precluded from Working in Any Occupation Under a LTD Policy?

Posted in: Disability Insurance, ERISA, Insurance Litigation Blog, Policy Interpretation December 19, 2018

Facing a long-term disability (“LTD”) claim, ERISA plan participants under LTD policies can count on the fact that insurance companies will search for ways to escape payment of the monthly LTD benefits they promised their insureds.  These insurers often point out that insureds continue to work in their occupation between their initial diagnosis and the claim date, or that an insured’s job is sedentary and thus he or she is not precluded from performing light physical activities, or that an insured’s disabling condition is episodic and the symptoms do not render the insureds continuously disabled.  Most disability claimants have days where symptoms are better than others and therefore they cannot work continuously in any given month, missing several days of …

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