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Where Did My Long-Term Disability Benefits Go? Termination of Benefits Without Improvement of Insured’s Medical Condition

Posted in: Accidental Death or Dismemberment, Disability Insurance, ERISA, Insurance Litigation Blog August 15, 2018

Many people purchase accidental death and dismemberment insurance or disability insurance to protect themselves should they ever become injured and unable to work.  If they become injured, they file a claim with their insurance company, and, after a potentially lengthy process, the insurance company may start to pay disability or accidental death and dismemberment benefits.  Sometimes, however, after initially paying disability benefits, an insurer will suddenly change its stance on the insured’s disability and terminate the benefits.  But there is a problem: The insured has not recovered, and his medical condition has not become better.  The insured still cannot return to work.  If the insured was disabled, and nothing has changed, why the sudden termination of benefits?  Thankfully, courts also …

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