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Court Reinstates Disability Benefits Because Insurer's Vocational Expert Ignored Treating Physicians' Opinions

Posted in: Disability Insurance, Employee Benefits News, ERISA, Life Insurance November 23, 2017

When an insured becomes disabled and incapable of performing the duties of his or her occupation, long-term disability benefits can provide a much-needed form of substitute income. Given the potential importance of these disability insurance benefits, playing an active role in the claims handling process is integral to the success or failure of an insured’s claim. In marshaling medical evidence in support of a long-term disability, insureds often rely on the opinions of their treating physicians and rightfully so, as the support of a treating physician can make or break a claim. However, the support of treating physicians does not equate to automatic approval of benefits. Typically, an insurer will hire its own medical or vocational expert to evaluate a …

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