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Good News for Policyholders: The Insurance Commissioner has Broad Authority to Regulate Insurers

Posted in: Case Updates, Disability Insurance, Disability Insurance News, Insurance Litigation Blog January 27, 2017

We all know that insurance companies are good at trying to find any way possible to deny claims, whether they be long-term disability claims, life insurance claims, health insurance claims or homeowner’s claims.  To curtail their ability to do so, the Legislature enacted the Unfair Insurance Practices Act (“UIPA”) to regulate unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the insurance business.  UIPA defines such unfair methods of competition or unfair or deceptive practices as including untrue, deceptive, or misleading statements with respect to the business or conduct of insurance.  Under UIPA, the Legislature granted the Insurance Commissioner authority to promulgate rules and regulations, as well as to institute individual enforcement actions, against those who violate UIPA.  In Association of Insurance

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