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Expert Testimony Can Help Policyholders Establish Property Damage and Survive Summary Judgment

Posted in: Breach of Contract, Case Updates, Commercial General Liability Insurance, Expert Testimony, Insurance Bad Faith May 22, 2014

Policyholders often face a formidable challenge proving causation on property damage claims, particularly when insurance companies insist on deferring to their own experts and adjustors.  Of course, insurance companies must conduct reasonable investigations and review and evaluate all of the evidence before making a claim decision.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held in an insurance action where the policyholder provides admissible evidence showing a genuine dispute as to coverage, the evidence should be evaluated by a trier of fact.  Pyramid Technologies Inc. v. Hartford Casualty Insurance Co., 2015 DJDAR 6205 (Cal. App. May 19, 2014).

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