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Property Insurers May Be Liable to Owners for Loss of Rents Resulting from Damaged Property

Posted in: Breach of Contract, Case Updates, Insurance Bad Faith, Policy Interpretation, Property & Casualty Insurance September 25, 2013

Commercial property owners may recover lost rental income from their insurer if they are unable to rent out damaged property, absent clear policy exclusions.  The California Court of Appeal recently held the owner of commercial property has a reasonable expectation of coverage for loss of rent, even if the property was not leased out at the time the damage occurred.  Ventura Kester, LLC v. Folksamerica Reinsurance Company, 2013 DJDAR 12253 (September 11, 2013).  The court explained that if insurers want to limit loss of rent coverage to leases in force at the time of the damages occur, such limitations must be plainly stated in the policy.   Ventura is significant because it limits insurers’ abilities to take advantage of ambiguous …

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