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CIGNA Forced to Re-evaluate Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims Handled Between 2008 to 2010, and Set Aside $77 Million to Pay Previously Denied Claims

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Following an investigation conducted by the California Department of Insurance via a market conduct examination, as well as insurance regulators from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, CIGNA and these states’ insurance regulators, reached a settlement over its improper handling of claims for long-term disability (“LTD”) insurance.  This resulted in a Regulatory Settlement Agreement (“Agreement”) between CIGNA and its affiliates and these insurance regulators.  The companies involved in the evaluation and settlement include CIGNA Health and Life Insurance Company (formerly known as Alta Health and Life), and Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, Life Insurance Company of North America (collectively, “CIGNA Companies”).  A copy of the Agreement can be found here.  In the examinations of CIGNA Companies, insurance department officials found …

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